Runner's Toe Doesn't Have to be a Badge of Honor

During my running journey, I faced an unexpected adversary: runner's toe. Despite months of intense training and preparation, nothing could have prepared me for the extreme discomfort many distance runners encounter.

About ten years ago, I created a make-shift solution to combat black toenails. I'd cut off the tops of my socks and add an extra layer or two for cushioning over my athletic socks. This worked brilliantly with a few hiccups: the socks would bunch up in my shoe or under my foot. Also, socks aren't cheap - so I was destroying socks at an alarming rate.

Runner's toe, also known as black or bald toenails, is a painful condition affecting runners, joggers, and people training for marathons or races. It is caused by repetitive impact, friction, and pressure on the toes.

Toe Bumpers came out of a need to treat my issues with toe pain, runners's toe, and turf toe. About two years ago, I decided to create the sock of my dreams. Well, actually a half-sock. I did an initial patent search and couldn't believe that nothing this simple and basic existed.

After two years of development, changing the sock composition, fabric, placement, and size of the sock, I came up with Toe Bumpers. We tested these on all kinds of athletes at all levels dealing with foot issues such as bunions, runner's toe, and turf toe: tennis players, platform tennis players, runners, ice skaters, soccer players, to name a few.

We took this to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October 2023 and received a great reception!

Runners talk about their black toenails with pride, LOL. Each runner has the toenail they've lost, the race they pushed through when they shouldn't have, and a permanent lack of toenails for proof. But Runner's Toe doesn't have to be a badge of honor. Frankly, it's more fun to run without it.

Before the Marathon: Prevention is Key
The best way to deal with runner's toe is to avoid it altogether. To prevent runner's toe, you should start by investing in good-quality running shoes that provide proper support and fit comfortably. Shoes that are too tight can irritate, while shoes that are too loose can lead to foot sliding and cause extra friction against your toes.

It'd be best if you allowed enough space between the tip of your shoes and your toes to allow them to wiggle comfortably -but that can cause toe friction at the top and front of your toes, causing runner's toe.

Here's where Toe Bumpers comes in.
Toe Bumpers are a toe-cushioning sock topper that provide an extra layer of cushioning ONLY at the toe's base. They reduce the extra space in your toe box, minimizing the risk of chafing and blistering. The body of the fabric is ultra-thin and comprised of spandex, so it will not change the fit or feel of your shoe. They can also be worn over any athletic sock and under any athletic shoe.

The best part is they don't bunch up or move around in your shoe. They stay put. I promise.

I hope you can end your runner's toe with Toe Bumpers, enjoy the scenery, run confidently and comfortably, and focus on your pace rather than your pain.

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