Our Mission

Our mission is to help athletes and active individuals put their best foot forward, with the perfect solution for toe troubles. Our toe cushioning sock topper is like a cozy little pillow for your toes, giving them the love and support they deserve. So, lace up those shoes, and kick your toe-related problems to the curb.

Why We Made Them

As a lifetime Michigan resident, passionate about running, tennis, and platform tennis, I faced a personal challenge: dealing with problems like runners' toe and turf toe.

For over a decade, I relied on a makeshift solution - cutting off the tops of my socks and layering them over my athletic socks for extra cushioning. It did the job to some extent, but it had its downside - bunching up in my shoes and shifting around when I was running or playing sports.

I had tried almost every other solution on the market, but nothing quite hit the mark.

Two years ago, I embarked on a journey to create what I now call Toe Bumpers. The process was quite an adventure. I conducted extensive tests with athletes from various sports, including college-level and professional players. We tweaked the fabric composition, cushioning, sizing, and stitching.

In August, I received a provisional patent for the product. I am working on introducing these to athletes and weekend warriors so they can enjoy their sports without the pain of jammed toes at the highest level they can achieve.