Start Early, Train Uninterrupted

Pro Runner, Taylor Anderson using Toe Bumpers® during the early stages of her training. An uninterrupted training regime is the path to a successful season, and a preventable injury should never be the reason for a missed run.

Safeguarding Your Toes During Marathon Training

Toe Bumpers? What are they, you ask? They're like the bodyguard for your toes. They're more than just a layer of padding; they're a testament to comfort engineering, designed to be sleek enough to fit unnoticed in your footwear but sturdy enough to withstand the punishment of the road.

How Do They Work?

Toe Bumpers are made of a cotton/poly blend and extra toe cushioning material to prevent toe jams. Slip them on over your regular athletic socks. Once in place, they lessen the friction between your toes and the insides of your shoes. The result? Reduced risk of black toenails and a defense against runner's toe.

Comfort First, Always.

You might be wondering if the additional sock will cramp your shoes. The answer is no. Toe Bumpers® maintain the familiar feel of your footwear while adding an extra layer of cushioning, ensuring that your focus stays on the road ahead and not on blistering toes or toenail trauma.

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"As a professional track and field athlete, I'm always on my feet and in tight shoes meant for sprinting. When training, I use Toe Bumpers® in my spikes and running shoes. They cushion my feet while in the spikes, give me more comfort in my shoes, and prevent my feet from sliding forward."

-Taylor Anderson, Top 8 finish representing Team USA in the Pan American Games

How to Incorporate Toe Bumpers® into your Running Routine

The integration process is as easy as tying your laces. Slide them on, lace up your shoes, and head out the door. 

Listen to Your Feet

If your toes usually bruise or blacken after a run, take the hint. It's time to swap in some Toe Bumpers® and demonstrate to your toes that you're hearing their plea for protection.

Dress Rehearsals are Key

Don't just reserve Toe Bumpers® for your long marathon training runs. Include them in your race training so when the big day comes, your toes and shoes fit together like a glove.

Final Strides

Many of us push on and run through the discomfort of bruised toenails. But you don't have to. Toe Bumpers offers a straightforward, affordable solution to a prevalent problem in the running community.